Sunday, June 10, 2012


I was having a chat with the man who owns the bakery just downstairs from our flat last night and he said in Spanish, "Are you enjoying the fiesta?"  And I said, "Yes, which fiesta is it?"  He replied, "It's a summer weekend in Barcelona."  He then proceeded to tell me to be careful with my camera because of the thieves.  The bread we bought was delicious.  His statement was so true, though.  On any given weekend you can walk into several neighborhoods and see so many different amazing activities taking place.  

One of the great cultural experiences in Catalunya is to walk down to the Barcelona Cathedral plaza on one of these days and watch the live band play while young and old dance the traditional Sardana. They all hold hands while dancing in a circle.  

If there are benches nearby and something special going on, people just lineup on the benches, chat, watch, and wait their turn.

Here is the beauty of the whole scene.

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