Friday, September 20, 2013

La Diada : September 11, 2013

On September 11th, Catalans celebrate La Diada, or the national day of Catalunya.  This year, the 299th year since losing their independence to Spain on September 11th, 1714, hundreds of thousands of Catalans joined hands in an unbroken chain from Alcanar to El Voló (the north border of Valencia to the north of the pyrenees, about 250 miles) forming la Via Catalana.  The chain linked completely at 17:14 (5:14PM) and chants of Independencia could be heard throughout the city.  Catalans want a referendum that would allow independence from Spain.  Here's a news article from the day (in English) to read a bit more.

The new Centre Cultural in the Born was opened to the public on this day.

The ruins uncovered are remnants of Barcelona in 1714.

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At the Fossar de les Moreres (adjacent to the Basílica de Santa Maria del Mar), honouring the Catalans buried there, who died defending Barcelona from the Spanish on the siege of 1714. The torch with the eternal flame was inaugurated in 2001.