Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Early Bird

I remember how my dad and my older brother loved to fish.  I liked it, but I was never in love with fishing.  I would tag along because I knew how important it was to them, and I didn't want to miss out. We would go camping or go to Mammoth and get up before the sunrise to get the best spot on the lake.  I wish now that I had the eyes I do now to take in the peace and the tranquility of the sunrise over the water, because I saw a lot of them.  They were some of the best times with my dad and brother, out in nature, away from the pressures of normal life.  As I got older, I remember intentionally trying to fish next to one of them, whichever one would be easier to distract, and have a long conversation.  The conversations, and the silences, were different on those days.

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  1. nice one! those rays are pretty immense, just like the real deal. we must go and get some more ammo soon...