Friday, June 22, 2012

Capella d'en Marcús

At the corner of Placeta d'en Marcús and Asahonadors is this beautiful statue built into the corner.  It was part of the Capella d'en Marcús which is on the corner of Placeta d'en Marcús and Carders.  This statue of St. John the Evangelist was built in 1628, destroyed in 1936, and rebuilt in 1958.  Found Here.

I found this history of Capella d'en Marcús: Well worth a peek is this diminutive 12th-century chapel nestling in the tiny Placeta d'en Marcus, near the junction of calles Montcada and Carders (the latter means "Woolcomber's Street"). Originally conceived by one Bernat Marcus as a sanctuary for luckless travelers who reached the city after the gates had been closed, the chapel may have been headquarters of the country's very first postal service.

I walk by this every day and it recently caught my eye, it's so beautiful.

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  1. I heard a guide say that this chapel was built by Marcus as the the chapel for a cemetery for poor people who lived further outside the city walls. It's so funny to hear what different guides say!