Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ermita de San Mames (Asin de Broto)

We took a hike up from the village of Asin de Broto, in the Pyrenees mountains, to a distant peak.  Edgar explained to us that, as history goes, many years ago, people were bringing a statue of Christ through the mountains and the donkey carrying the statue stopped at this point and would not go further.  The people built this small church here.  Now, the Christ statue inside is under lock and key.  The government wants to remove it to restore it because it is one of the few where Jesus' feet aren't crossed, but the people of Asin de Broto want the restoration done on the spot for fear of the government never returning the statue.  Here is a picture of it, although we were not able to enter.

The Approach from a Distance

Walking Up To It

A View From the Top

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