Saturday, April 28, 2012

Making Memories

One of the things I've been particularly bad about in the past is finding creative things to do with pictures we take or videos of our lives.  I end up with gigabites of unused media, although it is fun to look back every now and again.  Tracy and I were walking the streets a couple of weeks ago and I saw what looked like the perfect canvas.  It's just particle board on a wooden frame, which almost looks like a stretched canvas.  I thought it would be a perfect surface to decoupage and hang on the wall.  

DSC 0060

The hard part was figuring out what to put on it.  For the past 2 weeks, it's been used as a barrier to keep Kitty out of certain areas of the apartment, then Tracy challenged me to put some photography to work.  

I started with a copy of La Vanguardia that I purchase for 1,20€ and covered the whole surface.

DSC 0063

DSC 0062

Then I combed through our pictures and printed photos of our time in Barcelona.  I printed until I ran out of ink. 

Here is the final product…so far.  

DSC 0005

We intend to continue adding photos as we make more memories and buy more ink.